News Tools 2008 – Disruption and Reinvention (Live Blogging)

Live Stream courtesy of News Tools 2008

10 ideas…

David Cohn: Aggregation is creation – — aggregates the best journalism and also allows users to rate the journalism they encounter. Looking to improve best practices so that we can have a better solution.

David Mathison and Jim Moore: Social, civic news, and gaming networks. Journalism as a game – what makes a game effective? Story, excitement glamour. Looking to make journalism glamourous and fun.

Mary Hodder and Bill Allison – Bringing information from multiple data sets is how stories are made. His company is working to create a search engine to save time to digging though multiple data sets.

Personalization, localization, geocoding, geotracking – Paul Lamb: “News is not just local, local is the news” he describes himself as an immigrant

Dan Gillmor on — RSS, Twitter, and Friend Feed. The viral effect is what is important though not completely understood but he knows that it is going to be fundamental in the future.

Steve Enders is talking about Kevin Sites’ project for Yahoo News where he visited every war zone in the world.

Kaliya Hamlin is talking about standardized login accounts so that people can have one username and password for all sites.

Eduardo Hauser is talking about how papers can now be printed on-demand. More specifically having users print their own papers…

Tom Stites is talking about disruption versus the eruption of new ideas regarding how we form identities that present news on the web. The most important point is that the quality of businesses is grounded in the relationship with end users more so that…

7:50PM: Mary Hodder just spoke about her work with Dabble. Now Bill Gannon is speaking about how important meta-data is towards monetization, and why Mary Hodder is an excellent resource for that information.

Disruption and Reinvention

Gannon: “How many of you have been part of a failed start-up?” Almost every hand is raised… “Aggregation is creation”

Gannon is suggesting that this is the golden age of innovation in online journalism, but I’m unsure how much gold there is out there. Dan Gillmor points out that it’s “really cheap to try,” and that’s true, but the monetization is not quite there yet.

Dan Gillmor points out that if you don’t point to others who are doing important work, you are doing yourself and your audience a disservice.

8:07PM: Bill Gannon concludes their trio presentation by suggesting that the folks in the room try buying internet ads to get a better sense of what it’s all about…


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