Mutant Street Party (Episode 12)

Episode 12 Originally uploaded by blackcatmedia. On June 10th, the prisoners doing jail solidarity were finally released. After speaking to the National Lawyers Guild, the prisoners consented to give their names in exchange for having the charges dropped. This episode focuses on their release and includes a series of interviews detailing their experiences while in [...]

Mutant Street Party (Episode 11)

Episode 11 Originally uploaded by blackcatmedia. Immediately after stopping by the jail, I headed over to the Police Commisioner’s meeting at City Hall. The public comment period begins around 10:30PM on June 9th. This episode is a montage of the testimony given during the Commisioner’s meeting. The prisoners doing jail solidarity have been held in [...]

Mutant Street Party (Episode 7)

Episode 7 Originally uploaded by blackcatmedia. In this episode, the police become agitated by our choice of music, “Fuck tha Police,” by NWA, and it isn’t long before they take our music away. Look for the special cameo appearance by Jesus. Warning: This video contains minor but graphic police brutality, viewer (not parent) discretion is [...]