SFPD’s Dangerfield steps into media mine field

After receiving complaints from major media organizations that are frustrated by independent journalists trying to cover the same events, the San Francisco Police department responded by revoking press passes from several online outlets. While police policy specifically states that press passes are reserved for outlets that regularly cover breaking news about fire and police events, [...]

KPFA report on UC Berkeley student’s suspension

The UC Berkeley police arrested Angela Miller outside the chancellor’s house around 11:30 p.m. on Friday, December 11. But although the Alameda County District Attorney has dropped all charges against the 20-year-old junior and the seven others arrested that night, Miller remains prohibited from entering campus under an interim suspension. On Monday of that week, [...]

Berkeley student suspended for protest

UC Berkeley law lecturer discusses the Office of Student Conduct from Josh Wolf on Vimeo.

Angela Miller was thrown in jail and held on more than $100,000 bail after she was arrested from a crowd gathered outside UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau’s home. But even after the DA dropped all the charges against the eight who were arrested, the university is refusing to allow Miller to return to class.

No one has shown evidence that any of those arrested broke any laws when they joined a march on Dec. 10 that resulted in some property damage to the chancellor’s on-campus house.

But on Tuesday, the student conduct office told Miller that she had to meet with a disciplinary panel the following day about her interim suspension. She said she figured the meeting was just a formality so that they could relax her suspension before classes resume Tuesday. The university had already loosened Zachin Bowin’s suspension, the other UC Berkeley student arrested that night, and the two appear to be in the same situation.

Miller brought a fellow student to the meeting as her advisor and a few supporters stood outside the room while the panel met. After discussing her fate, the panel decided to maintain her suspension and continue to bar her from campus. The suspension order also prohibits her from speaking to any of her fellow students as well as university faculty and staff. It should be noted that university spokesperson Dan Mogoluf has said he doesn’t know of any instance in which the university actually punished a student for exercising their First Amendment right to speak to others and said the university is reviewing that provision in its boilerplate suspension order.

The student conduct panel told Miller that since she lives in a student co-op that leases its property from a university-owned building she would also need to move.

Berkeley Law School lecturer Steve Rosenbaum, who advised Bowin during his hearing, has agreed to represent Miller.

In this video taken outside of the student conduct office when Bowin appeared before a hearing, Rosenbaum — who had just been asked to leave for being “disruptive” for acting on his client’s behalf — describes his reaction to the student conduct process, which now threatens Miller future at UC Berkeley.

The aftermath of “terrorism”

The night-time march to Chancellor Robet Birgeneau’s home, which the governor described as “terrorism” after a handful of students damaged property outside University House, resulted in eight students facing serious felony charges. But witnesses say that the people arrested on Dec. 10, which include a journalist, two UC Berkeley students, two UC Davis students and [...]

Live Week Day One

Click to Play Around 12:15 Tuesday morning the students successfully achieved a semi-permeable door. In other words, Wheeler Hall is now open and allowing everyone to come and go as they please. Formats available: Quicktime (.mov)

Government 2.0 in District 10

BY JOSH WOLF Richmond Confidential Staff Writer Adriel Hampton admits his chances of getting elected to congress are slim, but he hopes his web-centric vision of American politics will serve as a harbinger. Like most of the candidates running in Tuesday’s special election for the 10th Congressional District, Hampton, a 31-year-old Democrat from Dublin, opposes [...]